WordSeer 4.0: A Visual Interface for Converting XML

WordSeer 4.0 provides a unique interface for specifying which parts of the metadata associated with an XML file to include for processing. Custom code processes the XML and allows the user, via a visual view, to select which parts to include within the tool.  This software is significant in its own right and could be useful for other projects within and outside the digital humanities.

Example: The State of the Union

The screenshots below show the interface in action: after the user creates a project and uploads some files, the tool automatically parses the XML tree and allow the user to pick and choose which parts to include into the WordSeer interface.

Using the WordSeer XML selection tool to specify which parts of the XML tree to include as metadata in the WordSeer instance.


Selecting metadata from XML files
Showing a preview of the mapping from the XML structure to the selected metadata.

Below is shown the start page in WordSeer that results from this selection process.  Note that no coding  is required for the user to transform an XML file into the JSON file that WordSeer needs to start processing.

Starting page for the WordSeer instance created by the XML selection tool.
Starting page for the WordSeer instance created by the XML selection tool.


Example: Shakespeare’s Plays

A more complex example uses XML for Shakespeare’s plays (we get the XML from Jon Bosak’s collection).  A few screenshots illustrate the visual interface.  You can view the json file if you are interested.

To see this in more detail, view the video demonstration.

Selecting from the XML for Shakespeare.
Selecting from the XML for Shakespeare.


Converting XML of Shakespeare's plays to WordSeer's format.
Converting XML of Shakespeare’s plays to WordSeer’s format.